Spring Event, Silaris Battle and Skill Edit!

Asda Chronicles : Fable

Good afternoon

The spring update has been uploaded to the server. Help the Butterfly Queen gather her army!

NPC “Queen of the Butterflies” (x53; y388) has been added to Alpia, get a reward and exchange it for a booster with valuable rewards.

To get a booster, you need to get 500 butterflies. You can get them in a way convenient for you: killing monsters, excavating with elite oil, and fishing with rainbow bait. To extract these resources, you must be above level 48.
But this is only a part of the valuable prizes that you can get yourself. A counter has been added to the server, which displays the current amount of the reward. All players exchanging boosters will replenish the piggy bank of points. When the points threshold is reached, all active participants will receive guaranteed prizes.


50.000 points - TS [90D] Angel Pang

100.000 points - Decorative Lucky Gnom Egg and a special reward for the first 40 players

200.000 points - HP Healing Potion(100)

300.000 points - HP Healing Potion(250)

400.000 points - Decorative Sphinx King egg and a special reward for the first 30 players

500.000 points - Silver Avatar Upgrade Package

600.000 points - [Event] Special Upgrade Protection 5 pcs

700.000 points - Black PatchCat Egg, special reward for the first 20 players

800.000 points - [Booster] Legendary Rune

900.000 points - Special Supplement 5 pcs, special reward for the first 10 players

Upon reaching the final level of 1,000,000 points, an event will be held with players on the field OH!

At the end of the event, 3 players who turned in the maximum number of rewards will receive a prize:

1. Premium Upgrade Protect Scroll

2. One of three avatars of your choice

* Rewards on the account can come during the day.

**Special reward is given only to players who turned in the maximum number of rewards.

We also didn’t forget about connoisseurs of titles, you can replenish your collection of titles by collecting event rewards:

Azure (Rare, 50 pts) - Turn in 500 Butterfly Queens

Description: “I am small like Spring Azure butterfly!”


Swallowtail (rare, 50 pts) - Turn in 1000 Butterfly Queens

Description: “I am stylish like Swallowtail butterfly!”


Sootywing (rare, 50 pts) - Turn in 1500 Butterfly Queen

Description: “I am dark like Sootywing butterfly!”


Butterfly (Unique, 100 pts) - Help the Butterfly Queen prepare her army to fight her opponents.

Description: “I love butterflies!”


Earl (Legendary, 125 points) - Awarded for obtaining all previous titles

Description: “Butterfly Queen made me her honorary Earl!”

Sugar (Hero, 100 points) – Redeem 5 title tokens to Captain Ella

For those who like to rack their brains and look for a reward where no one is looking for it, you can take a chain of quests from the knight Neimi. By completing tasks, you will help the Butterfly Queen prepare her army for battle! Upon completion of all quests, you will receive a Butterfly Token, which will help you get the coveted title of “Butterfly”.

The event will last until 04/25/2024.

Event Wars are here again! Silaris wars start to drop Silver War Coins!  You can spend them in new War Shop in Silaris! Also, we increased chance for getting Special and Premium protections from war booster! 
All classes except DD-mage received upgrade for their skill’s percentages for first and second jobs. 

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