Easter event!

Asda Chronicles : Fable

Easter Egg Hunt

Collect various eggs from monster hunting, fishing, and digging!
Combine the proper amounts to create Easter Baskets full of rewards!

Pink Easter Basket


Blue Easter Basket (common bait)


Purple Easter Basket (premium bait and shovel oil)


Cute little Polka-Tigras will be wandering around Omnibus. They carry various eggs, Egg Tokens, Giant Egg Shells, and a Polka Dot Booster!

Hunt them down and reap the rewards!

Tigras king Monster

Gather up 25 Giant Egg Shells (only obtainable from defeating the cute little Polka-Tigras) and combine them into a Giant Egg Summon Stone

Bring this stone to the Martyr's Tombstone in Silaris and summon the mighty Giant Egg monster!

Crack open the Giant Egg monster for Easter Transformation Potions, Event Tokens, and Fresh Eggs! All levels are able to pick up the drops.

Fishing for Carrots

The demand for Bunny Pets this spring has caused a lot of fuss for the Pet Shop. They need help to feed them all everyday!

Grab the quest from the Alpen Board and go fishing! Collect 10 Carrots to complete the quest for that day and receive gold, EXP, a Bunny Token, and an Egg Carton.

The Egg Carton contains various rare pet eggs. If you're lucky enough, you'll have a chance to get a Premium Pet Egg or Easter Egg Bobbles!

Colorful Eggs

Fresh Eggs dropped from the Giant Egg monster can be dyed with Color Dye sold in the Alpen General Shop

Combine them and you will have a Colorful Egg! Give this to the Event NPC and she'll reward you with a Colorful Egg Booster!

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