Unblocking and sale of accounts!

Asda Chronicles : Fable

Dear players!

We inform you about the beginning of the amnesty for blocking purchased accounts blocked before 06/01/2022. You can unlock your account if you know the password, login and EMAIL from the account (according to clause 2.13), unlocks will not be made according to other points of the rules, i.e. those who were blocked for selling game values, using bugs, stealing items, selling guilds , insulting the administration, etc.

Now we want to talk about selling an account within our site, you can sell your account to another player using the AGP currency, how will this happen? Using the section on the forum, you need to fill out the buyer, seller form and read the information (https://area-game.ru/forum/index.php?threads/sell-account.2255/#post-4356). After the user is verified, the EMAIL will be changed and the password will be reset to set a new one.
We warn you that we have not canceled the punishment for selling an account, all those who sell bypassing the forum will be blocked. We have strengthened the verification of accounts, now lists of possible purchased accounts will be generated for the administration daily, the administration will check and if the fact of sale / purchase / transfer is detected, the account will be blocked. If there is a situation of an erroneous ban, please create a topic in the "Applications for ban / unban players" section.

When considering the application, the administration has the right to refuse to unblock unilaterally. Also, please pay attention to the date of account blocking.
Please do not create topics with false or incorrect information, this can be regarded as clause 6.6. It is forbidden to mislead the Administration, provide false or incorrect information.

Added 2 new rules:
- 2.18. It is allowed to buy or sell an account using the forum topic Area - Game *1
- 2.19. It is forbidden to sell an account using the project forum more than once a month.

Link to the topic - https://area-game.ru/forum/index.php?threads/sell-account.2255/#post-4356

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