St. Patrick's Day Event!

Asda Chronicles : Fable

Dear Players

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
One of the most loved holidays in the world is Asda Chronicles: Fable. Celebrate this holiday in the world of Asda Chronicles: Fable.

Gnome thieves
Try to find the Gnome Thieves to recover the stolen items and get a summon stone for the Shoemaker boss!
Gnome Thieves will run all over the world of Asda Chronicles: Fable!

Gnome thieves in Dungeons
Don't forget the Gnome Thieves in the dungeons! Take the quest from the board and run to complete the quest in the dungeon of your level for valuable loot and a title!

Boss Shoemaker in Silaris
Collect Shards of Summon Stone from Gnome Thieves! Try to kill this boss and get holiday loot from him!
Be sure to take the quest before summoning the boss for valuable loot.

Quests for the Shoemaker and Gnome Thieves in dungeons
Use the boards to take these quests. The quest for the Shoemaker is taken only from the board in Silaris! You can find quests for Dwarven Thieves from the board of your level.

Quest for the Shoemaker:

Quest for Gnome Thieves in dungeons:

New titles!
Collect all the titles and get the main title of this holiday! Meet the new 3 titles. Complete quests and hunt Gnome Thieves to get these titles!

Green (Green), Saint (Saint) and Patrick (Patrick)!

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