Pirate event!

Asda Chronicles : Fable

Hello Asda Chronicles : Fable!

The Scarlet Pirates are taking over Asda, and they've got a lot of great booty in store for you! Will you hunt down their treasure, pilaged from all over the world? Or maybe you'll become one of them! It's all up to you in this Pirate Treasure hunt!

Collect Emeralds and Sapphires...
The Pirates have hidden various precious gems under ground and down in Davy Jones's locker!

Collect 10 Brilliant Emeralds and 5 Octagon Emeralds from digging, then 10 Brilliant Sapphires and 5 Octagon Sapphires from Fishing, and you can unlock the Pirate's Treasure Chest (double click)! Just be sure you have the same rank gemstones!

Emeralds (Digging)
D-Rank: Alpen, Rein River, Deckron Lab
C-Rank:Silaris, Queen’s Palace, Sunny Coast, Conquest Land, Night Valley
B-Rank: Flammio, Flammio Plains, Mt. Flammion

Sapphires (Fishing)
D-Rank: Alpen, Rein River
C-Rank:Silaris, Sunny Coast
B-Rank: Flammio

What's inside this chest? There's many goodies to be had!

Dynasty Avatar Piece Booster*
D, C, or B-Rank Essences
D, C, or B-Rank Jewels
D, C, or B-Rank Reagents
Shiny, Glittering, or Mystic Crystals
D, C, or B-Rank Universal Upgrade Stones
5,000~50,000 Gold Coin
Lv16, 34, or 55 Bronze Fish Necklace (HP)
Lv15, 33, or 54 Silver Fish Ring (Magic Attack)
Lv15, 33, or 54 Gold Fish Ring (Attack)
Legendary Rod (+100 Fishing Skill)
EXP Potions
HP Recovery Potions
Automatic Digging Oil
Automatic Fishing Bait

By the way, when wearing the Bronze Fish Necklace, Gold Fish Ring, and Silver Fish Ring at one time, you will get a set bonus of +50 Fishing Skill (same rank only)! Please note that this bonus will not actually reflect on your character window at this time.)

...and Rubies too!
Those with the means to purchase our special bait and oil can get even more loot!

Collect 10 Brilliant Rubies10 Octagon Rubies, and 10 Heart Rubies from either digging or fishing with automatic bait or oil, and you can unlock the Ruby Treasure Chest (double click)! Just be sure you have the same rank gemstones! The different ranks can be found in the same areas as the Emeralds and Sapphires.

Here's the great special items you can get from the Ruby Treasure Chest!

Desert Avatar Piece Booster*
Lv15, 35, or 55 Rare Pirate Weapons
Style Shop Coupon
Ongoing Pet Food (5)
[1-Day] Premium Potion
[1-Day] Flying Carpet
Automatic Digging Oil
Automatic Fishing Bait

Inside this booster you'll recieve one piece of the set. The Desert and Dynasty Avatar Pieces are tradable unless removed from their packages, so help each other out by trading or selling the pieces you don't need!

...collect black box!
And now, be careful my friend, if you want to become a real pirate, then you have to sweat. Have you long dreamed of robbing and killing? So this can happen!

To collect your own chest you have to kill! Kill the monsters in the whole of Tilia and get from them the letter: H, O, R, S, E and collect your black chest.


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