Main site update!


Dear players!

We have updated the design of the main site and its software! A site for the future game Asda Chronicles : Interlude has been added, as well as a lot of site design improvements, improvements to existing systems (tech support, user recovery, etc.), a redesigned user notification system and improved the interaction of games inside our site!

We have added 2 new payment systems that solved the problem of buying AGP worldwide.

Xsolla is a global payment system operating all over the world, this payment system supports more than 200 world currencies. A huge number of payment methods from bank cards to mobile phones.

PayPalych is a simple payment system that works mainly with European cards. If you are in Eurove, we advise you to choose this particular payment method.

If you have any questions, you can contact those. VK support or on the site!
If you find errors on the site, please report it to the forum - Go To Forum

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